As a Pediatric Specialist I am aware that the emotional, social and physical development of young children is very important in early childhood development. As a working Mom, I know “Kids Land Nursery” is the best place that I can send my kids for the quality day care they require. It like a nice second home, providing a suitable and comfortable environment for your child, who returns every day from the nursery happy to return again on the following day.
Why did I choose “Kids Land Nursery?”
Firstly, because it is a safe and caring nursery center which pays full attention to all the details both great and small. The center provides maximum emotional and psychiatric care to every child, while also providing physical care such as routine temperature checks and any necessary nail trimming, or grooming needs. All while providing updates to Parents about any changes in the child’s appetite, activity, or mood, etc.
Secondly, cleanliness is an important focus of the nursery. If needed the nursery will change his clothes, and assist with any other hygienic needs. I am assured that if my child goes to nursery clean he will return home clean.
Lastly, the professionalism and kindness of staff provide an extra added benefit. All key staff persons are certified and well trained in their areas of expertise. Everyone is kind and welcoming, from bus drivers, assistants, to teachers. The teachers follow a complete teaching plan with learning material and resources organized to use a variety of activities and instructional methods. I greatly appreciate Miss Annam, the teacher, with her great experience and skills, whose great patience and flexibility is consistently able to contain the individual needs of each child. Importantly, as the person behind this great success, the Administrator, Miss Fayhaa, maintains and open line of communication with parents and provides appropriate feedback.
My kids grew up with the nursery and were positively influenced with the educational motivation and early learning. After my experience, I highly recommend “Kids Land Nursery” as the best high quality nursery center!

Pediatric Specialist


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