I can not find words to describe how much is kids land Nursery is the most perfect environment to feel safe to let your child grow up in .
It is enough to say that my daughter every weekend crying to go to the nursery . from my experience I found that all the staff are very caring and all they think about is the kids , they are very professional, keen to update themselves all the time.
I felt huge change in my daughter attitude, behaviour and skills within very short period. They care so much regarding the educational skills with kids . Kids not only spend time there , they also learn, get well educated, have fun and have physical activities. Finally if I want to recommend, I will always recommend kids land Nursery.

Nashwa Maarouf


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Al Ain

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: + 971 50 3222033

Landline: + 971 03 7677611

Email: kidsland.nursery@gmail.com